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Our culture is built on passion, innovation, and transparency. We support each other unequivocally and we value strong communication, which stems from our love for our work, our clients, and our people.

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A Platform Engineer is responsible for the design, development and maintenance of all aspects of delivering software at andros via an internal development platform which is composed of tools and documentation that allows developers to rapidly build, deploy, and continually update software applications in the cloud with security, availability, fault tolerance, and monitoring built in. The Platform Engineer is involved in determining the technical direction and design choices supporting our infrastructure, development pipelines, system architecture, observability metrics, and feedback loops. The Platform Engineer works with development teams and enables them to choose the best solutions by participating in the architecture and design of those solutions. 


  • Develop the andros cloud infrastructure platform on AWS to ensure all applications meet standards for availability, integrity, and confidentiality.

    • Work within the Platform Engineering Team to build and operate our cloud infrastructure to support SOC2 compliance across all applications

    • Build and maintain infrastructure components in Terraform to support the ongoing iterative improvements of the platform and its deployed applications.

  • Engage in and improve the entire lifecycle of software development, from inception and design, through to deployment, operation and refinement.

    • Build tools that enable developers to easily build and deploy new applications

    • Enable application teams to maintain their applications in production by building tools that allow them to measure and monitor availability, latency, and overall application health

    • Support the developer experience across andros development teams by building tools that enable and measure rapid iteration and improve application reliability and team velocity

  • Practice sustainable incident response and blameless retrospectives

    • Participate in and sometimes lead 5 whys based incident response retrospectives

Role-Specific Competencies:

  1. Collaborative team worker: Able to communicate and collaborate closely with other Platform Engineering team members as well as other teams across Engineering, Operations, and Client Success

  2. Adaptability: Able to adjust to the ever changing technology landscape and the shifting priorities and interrupts inherent in Platform and Infrastructure Engineering

  3. Curiosity and drive: Demonstrate curiosity and a well-developed drive to find answers to questions that are currently being asked or haven’t yet been asked

  4. Excellent communicator: Comfortable explaining technical problems in person and in writing

  5. Show initiative, seek responsibility, and strive for excellence

Desired Qualifications: 
  • Experience with AWS or other cloud services 

  • Knowledge and experience with Infrastructure as Code tools such as Terraform.

  • Knowledge and experience with container orchestrations systems such as ECS

  • Proficient with CI/CD pipeline tools like Github Actions and in the monitoring and observability of complex distributed systems.

  • Familiarity with at least one sql or nosql database such as postgres, dynamodb, mongodb, etc.

  • Familiarity with at least one high level programming language; Ruby, Python, Go, Java, JavaScript, etc.

Salary Range:

Research & Development

Remote (United States)

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