Veterinary Clinic Manager

About Butte Humane Society

We are one of the oldest non-profit agencies in Butte County, California, working since 1911 to bring humanitarian care to dogs and cats. We are a Limited Admission shelter that strives to make our animals as comfortable as possible during their stay with us.

Our Mission: Saving Lives. Finding Homes. Inspiring Compassion.

Our Vision: Butte Humane Society is committed to nurturing and promoting the human-animal bond. It is our vision to:

  • Provide for the well-being of companion animals.
  • Reduce the number of unwanted animals through aggressive spay/neuter programs.
  • Promote the human-animal bond through adoption, education and outreach programs.
  • Act as an advocate on behalf of animals in need.

Butte Humane Society | Clinic Manager

Job Summary

Our veterinary clinic is an energetic environment that provides a variety of services to support the people and animals in our community and the animals in our shelter. We are seeking an organized, highly motivated team leader to join us!

Under the direction of the Executive Director and alongside our team of Veterinarians (Medical Director and Associates), the Clinic Manager performs a wide range of difficult to complex administrative activities related to the clinic: providing quality patient care and excellent client service, management of finances and accounting, marketing and promotion of services, staff management, and discretionary activities, that serve to support effective business operations. The Clinic Manager supports the clinic by making informed decisions and collaborating with lead staff and directors to successfully manage all aspects of our clinics daily, weekly, and ongoing operations. 

Job Functions:

  • Provides a high level of customer service both in person, via email, and over the phone.

  • Responsible for the management of all clinic staff positions.

  • Client account management.

  • Knowledge of business promotion and marketing techniques.

  • Able to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.

  • Background in managing service oriented operations.

  • Ability to plan, organize and effectively present ideas and concepts.

  • Ability to take information obtained from clients, staff, and other sources, discern that which is credible and assess the hospital and its operation objectively.

  • Must be able to handle multiple tasks at once, and deal with high levels of stress in an environment of changing priorities.

  • Inventory Management.

  • Execute end of month reporting.

  • Understand and help to operate the clinic within budget and to meet/exceed our operational goals.

  • Leads, trains and mentors all staff positions to do the same. Maintains efficient and effective training manuals and protocols.

  • Conducts regular staff meetings within the clinic department.

  • Conducts monthly safety meetings.

  • Perform any duty that may be required to maintain a productive, harmonious work environment where extraordinary value is placed on patient care, client service and associate experience.

Additional Duties:

  • Actively participate in the process of hiring new clinic employees as required.

  • Train, review, schedule, discipline and escalate staff issues to the Human Resources Coordinator and Executive Director as needed.

  • Can recommend employees transfer from part-time to full-time staying with controlled payroll budget and after review with the Executive Director.

Physical Requirements:

  • Dependable attendance is required.

  • Any allergies to animals must be controllable through medication.

  • Must be able to regularly lift up to 50 pounds.

  • This position requires the ability to walk, bend, stand and reach constantly during a 10-hour shift.

  • Visual acuity sufficient to maintain accurate records, recognizes people and understands written directions.

  • Ability to speak and hear sufficiently to understand, give information in person or over the telephone.

  • Fine motor skills adequate for utilizing office equipment such as facsimile machines, computers, copiers and computer keyboards.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • 1+ year of previous experience in a clinic management role

  • 1+ year or management experience in a veterinary setting preferred

  • Associate of Business Administration degree or a combination of relevant work experience required.

Detailed Duties:

Staff Management:

  • Utilize HR systems to recruit and onboard new hires

  • Prepare new-hire packets and discuss with new associates.

  • Orientation, training, education, development and ongoing review of staff.

  • Oversee staff scheduling and monitor employee time.

  • Monitoring License expirations.

Client Management:

  • Oversee training of all staff in accordance with the principals of the 3 P’s and BHS Mission Statement. Lead staff to deliver an excellent client experience.

  • Oversee client flow to ensure that clients and patients are seen and treated in a professional, timely and competent manner.

  • Ensure effective call back systems are maintained and utilized routinely.

  • Ensure billing, calculation of any discounts and other special accounts are handled properly.

Office Management:

  • Modify and update systems and procedures wherever needed to better serve clients, patients, the practice and employees (e.g., modify schedules for the most productive use of time) with the approval of the Executive Director.

  • Ensure opening and closing tasks are completed daily.

  • Maintain adequate inventory of office supplies, medical supplies and equipment.

Production Management:

  • Meet with the Executive Director and Veterinarians regularly to discuss, evaluate and plan for the welfare of the practice.

  • Ensure that marketing events are effective – internal and external through collaboration with our Communication and Development Department.

  • Check transactions for accuracy and missed services through regular weekly audits.

Financial Management:

  • Monitor the cost of purchasing so the practice operates within guidelines.

  • Participates actively in maintaining the established budget and joins monthly financial review meetings with the Executive Director and Veterinarian staff.

  • Review employee account balances and address as needed to fit our policy for payment.

  • Track SFAFA or other grant funds.

Facility Maintenance:

  • Oversee the maintenance/housekeeping of the clinic for orderliness and cleanliness of both the inside and outside of the building.

  • Monitor janitorial responsibilities.

  • Oversee that safety procedures are implemented and followed.

  • Oversee facility and equipment maintenance and repairs, ensuring current maintenance of a repair log.

  • Assist Facilities Coordinator to issue building access codes and keys to staff as needed.


  • Attends meetings as requested.

  • Attend and participate in monthly shelter operation meetings.

  • Plans and/or participate in clinic management meetings.


  • Read and respond to all communication and public reviews in a timely manner.

  • Ensure that the policies of BHS, and all state guidelines and recommendations are quickly communicated to clinic staff and ensure follow-up of adequate training.

Compensation: $22-$28 Hourly DOE

Benefits: Paid time off, Paid Holidays, Company Discounts, Health/Vision/Dental plans, 4/10’s schedule Tuesday-Friday.

The pay range for this role is:

22 - 28 USD per hour (BHS)


Chico, CA

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