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Our Mission

Blackrock Neurotech is 100% focused on improving human lives through neuroscience research and technology. The passion and dedication behind this mission has nurtured a dynamic, enjoyable and fulfilling corporate environment in which learning, and growth are commonplace. We operate in an innovative field that requires our staff to meet the highest standards. Every step of the way, we encourage one another by providing continuous motivation and promoting a healthy work environment.


In order to provide a safe and productive work environment, all offers of employment at Blackrock Neurotech are contingent upon a thorough background check. A criminal history will not automatically disqualify a candidate from an offer of employment.

Location:                            Salt Lake City, UT
Employment Type:          Part-Time or Full-Time
Blackrock Microsystems is seeking an Electronics Technician who will build, prototype and troubleshoot designs for research and development.  They will support manufacturing by transferring designs and provide troubleshooting. They will support projects following our control process, ensuring that projects are completed in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Key Qualifications 
  • An associate degree or apprenticeship as an electronic technician or 2+ years of progress toward a bachelor's degree in a related field.
  • Ability to read electronic schematics
  • Troubleshoot electronic equipment
  • Hands-on experience with electronic testing and circuitry.
  • Familiarity working with various tools and equipment.
  • MS Office and diagnostic software (e.g. PC-based).
  • Excellent physical condition and hand-eye coordination. 
  • Soldering skills to repair and build PCBA electronics boards.
  • Excellent troubleshooting skills.
Specific Skills/Competencies Desired 
  • Experience in an FDA-regulated environment.
  • Exposure to IEC 60601-1 Electrical Safety Standards.
  • Experience using Altium Software to aid in troubleshooting circuits.
Essential Job Duties
  • Set up electronic systems and devices.
  • Assemble and connect system components (e.g. cables).
  • Monitor and report on project progress.
  • Test system functionality and analyze data.
  • Run tests for releasing products into manufacturing.
  • Repair malfunctions in circuitry and other system structures.
  • Read and comprehend complex manuals and diagrams.
  • Update reports and maintain inventory.
  • Collaborate with engineers and other professionals on technical tasks.
  • Use various tools to build and repair systems (e.g. oscilloscopes, multimeters).
  • Manage lab and lab inventory.

Physical and other requirements

  • Ability to work in an office setting.
  • Sitting and standing while typing.
  • Ability to lift-up to fifty pounds.

Administrative Services

Salt Lake City, UT

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