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We create personalized spaces that elevate your well-being, promote, innovation, and transform the communities in which we live.

Custer creates exceptional workspaces that empower people to do their best work. Established  in 1981, Custer now serves multiple territories reaching outside of West Michigan as a premier dealership of Steelcase furniture. Throughout four decades, our capabilities have expanded to offer interior solutions for small business, education, healthcare, and corporate clients. Custer designs and builds environments that maximize productivity and a sense of purpose, drawing on extensive research and established expertise. Providing full-service solutions including workplace strategy, design, integrated technology, commercial flooring, custom-tailored solutions and 
furniture, Custer delivers spaces that support a better way of working

We are looking for an experienced designer who appreciates the virtues of team and wants to lift others up. We know that leading with design is crucial to winning business and it is critical to find individuals that are excited to put new innovative and holistic designs out into the world. There are many aspects that make a successful project, but someone who truly enjoys their work will be able to elevate their project to an impactful experience.

We Want
  • Designers who are passionate about their craft.
  • People who spark with excitement when envisioning a space.
  • Someone who strives to be better every day and wants a team that supports that.
Innovation in Design 
  • On fire passion for design and creating environments that exceed expectations
  • Pushes the boundaries of design but also embraces non-creative work
  • Able to program and visualize an abstract concept and mold it into reality
  • Applies creative problem-solving skills to a variety of applications, from small workstation reconfigures to large, full interior projects
  • Demonstrates thoughtful and innovative applications of furniture and finishes
  • Can think holistically about a space, utilizing a full complement of services from commercial and custom furniture to inclusive interior finish packages
  • Able to follow a process, yet bold enough to suggest alternate
 Soft Skills 
  • Able to maintain an optimistic outlook and find the positive, takes a solution-based stance to problem resolution
  • Excited to mentor and be a resource to young designers
  • Has a drive for continuous improvement and looks for opportunities to grow personally and professionally
  • Can generate creative ideas for keeping Custer design relevant and on the leading edge in the design field
  • Self-starter that wants to get things done, ambitious and driven
  • Adaptable and open to change
  • Shows resilience under stress
  • Comfortable in a customer facing situation 
Required Skills
  • Extensive experience in working within the commercial design industry and furniture specification
  • Excellent communication skills, can articulate ideas clearly
  • Develops and executes appropriate design solutions
  • Demonstrates good judgement and design sense; can be successful with little to no guidance
  • Can confidently lead projects independently and demonstrates a high level of professionalism
  • Able to stay on task, manage several projects and timelines across multiple projects under strict deadlines
  • Can confidently engage with clients and present in a passionate, and professional manner
  • Able to create architectural drawings that clearly state design intent
  • Comfortable communicating with, and creating drawings for trades coordination
  • Can create furniture installation drawings and floor plans
  • Has exceptional accuracy in specification development and a high level of attention to detail across all areas
  • Stays ahead of trends based on market research in impactful industries
  • Basic knowledge of CET, high-level of proficiency preferred
  • Can work comfortably and efficiently in a range of computer software: SketchUp, AutoCAD, Microsoft platforms and Adobe, Outlook
  • Bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture or Interior Design
  • Minimum 4+ years of contract design experience


Grand Rapids, MI

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