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JMARK is an IT managed services provider headquartered in Springfield, Missouri, with a second office in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and numerous full-time remote employees spread throughout the country. The reason JMARK is a "best" place to work can be summed up in one word: culture. Nurturing a respectful, supportive, dynamic, spirited culture among the more than 125 individuals that make up JMARK is a point of passion for CEO Thomas Douglas. It matters so much to him that every decision made regarding JMARK is run through the filter of how it will impact the culture at large—as well as every employee on an individual level.
This dedication to creating a positive environment has been instilled in every leader at any level—including the board of directors—and passed down to every employee in the company. From the first moment one walks in the door at JMARK, it is clear that this is a true family made up of teammates who care for one another, cheer each other on, and thrive on coming together to achieve greater things together than could ever be done alone. In fact, this feeling of fellowship is so strong that it transcends the distances between teammates working from home or in different locations.  The words "People First" are in our slogan, and everything that happens at JMARK leads back to that phrase.
Award-winning Managed Service Provider seeking a Task Destroyer With A Personality – Client Relationship Manager I

Are you a master of details and a task-slaying aficionado? Do you possess a personality that lights up a room? If so, we've got the perfect role for you - the Client Relationship Manager I at JMARK!

The Role: As a Client Relationship Manager I, you'll be an integral part of the foundational business functions that are required to make our client relationships thrive. Your meticulous attention to detail and your ability to obliterate tasks while at the same time possessing the right mix of interpersonal skills to communicate effectively will be a key factor to your success in this role.  This foundational understanding of what makes our Client Relationship team run is the precursor to taking on more client facing responsibilities.   

We are a People First Technology Second run organization.  It’s more than just a motto, it’s the Colonel Sanders secret recipe that creates the long standing “can’t live without you” type of relationships we have with our clients.   This is the very reason your personality and ability to read people and situations carries the same weight as your ability to meticulously manage your daily tasks.  

Odds are this job is not right for you. But, if you happen to possess the skills and personality traits we are looking for, this may very well be your dream job. Seriously.   

But before we go further, We have a WARNING: We move very fast.

You also must be awesome at working with a kickass team, reliable, have a high level of initiative, and coordinate with other individuals in and out of our company.  You need to operate at a high level, enjoy managing interruptions and unplanned disruptions while navigating through the schedule you’ve built for your day, and have impeccable written communication skills so that nothing falls through the cracks.  You must be able to track your technical work and the value you’ve produced in a ticketing system along with keeping track of the time spent on each item.  All that said, you must be the type of person that thrives in this fast-paced environment.  To do that, we need you to be very organized, a clear thinker, and someone who works quickly and communicates well.  

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Right Person:
  • Task Obliteration Mastery: From behind the scenes, you'll crush tasks like a dragon crushes its foes. No task is too big or small for you as you vanquish to-do lists with unparalleled speed and precision.
  • Team Collaboration Magic: In our realm, teamwork makes the dream work. You'll be working closely with our dynamic team to ensure the smooth flow of client interactions and maintain the enchanting atmosphere we pride ourselves on.
  • Appointment Setting Sorcery: You'll be the master of calendars, juggling and arranging appointments like a pro. Wave your scheduling wand and make sure our clients get the magical time they need with our team.
  • Written Communication Wizardry: Words are your spells! You'll be crafting written communications with the flair of a wordsmith, ensuring our clients receive clear and enchanting messages that leave them enchanted by our services.
  • Triage Incoming Tickets: Like a skilled healer, you'll assess and prioritize incoming tickets from our clients. With your quick thinking and problem-solving abilities, you'll ensure that each ticket is directed to the right team member for swift resolution.
  • Process Quick Quote Requests: Our clients will seek your advice on pricing like they're seeking a wise oracle. You'll swiftly process quick quote requests, providing accurate and tailored information to our clients, leaving them spellbound by your efficiency.
  • Adhere to Department Workflow Processes: Like following the sacred texts, you'll diligently adhere to our department's established workflow processes. Your commitment to these practices will ensure that our client interactions are harmonious and seamless.
  • A true "Task Destroyer" - You have a proven track record of being highly detail-oriented and organized, leaving no task unscathed!
  • Exceptional Appointment Scheduling Skills - You have the ability to work with various calendars, navigate time zones effortlessly, and bring order to the most complex schedules.
  • Enchanting Written Communication - Your written spells are powerful, clear, and captivating.
  • Client Relationship Sorcery - You possess the innate ability to connect with your internal team members and clients on a personal level and provide them with extraordinary service.
  • Team Player - You thrive in a collaborative environment and know that together we can conquer any challenge.
Perks and Benefits:
  • Unlimited magical coffee to fuel your daily tasks.
  • Flexible hybrid work environment.
  • An enchanting office space filled with laughter and camaraderie.
  • 100% premium health care paid for the employee
  • Opportunities for personal and professional growth to level up your skills.
If you're ready to bring your task-destroying skills to our mystical team, cast your spell and apply today! We can't wait to see the magic you'll bring to JMARK. Remember, at JMARK, we believe in working hard and having fun while we do it!

Client Relations

Springfield, MO

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