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About Letterhead

With Letterhead, your newsletters do all the work for you. We help publishers and marketers engage their audience, create great content products, and generate revenue, with software that automates the entire process through machine learning.

We're a venture-backed startup on a journey to change how online engagement happens through meaningful, first-party content. Our founders came from the media industry, building a national network of local email newsletters, and spun out Letterhead in 2022 to help every organization master email.

Our team
We're a diverse team of internally-motivated, open-minded people who want to be the best at what we do. We value intellectual curiosity, candor, and a sense of urgency. When we hire, we look for cultural contribution rather than culture fit: what will each new person add to our team as we grow?

Our company values:
  • Users first: we're here to help our customers, and we put their experience and priorities first.
  • Integrity: we're honest and transparent with each other and our stakeholders. We do what's right.
  • Servant leadership: our best work happens at the front line. Our leadership team exists to support and drive that forward. 
  • Grit: Building something new is hard work. We stick with it, push through obstacles, and get the job done.

Why a General Interest Application? 

We recognize that talent doesn't always fit into a predefined box. Whether you’re a visionary, a doer, or a combination of both if you feel you can uniquely contribute to our team, we're open to exploring possibilities together.

What We're Looking For:

  • Passion: An authentic belief in our mission and the drive to make an impact.
  • Skill: Whether you’re in tech, marketing, design, operations, or any other field, if you’re great at what you do, we're interested.
  • Innovation: An out-of-the-box thinker who loves challenging the status quo and introducing fresh ideas.
  • Collaboration: A team player who believes in collective achievement and thrives in a collaborative environment.

How to Apply:

  1. Resume: Share your work history, achievements, and anything else you think we should know about.
  2. Cover Letter: Tell us about yourself, why you want to work with Letterhead, and how you believe you can contribute. Be specific about your skills, experiences, or any projects you think might align with our mission and vision.
  3. Portfolio/Work Samples (if applicable): Show us what you’ve done. This could be anything from a code repository, design portfolio, articles, projects, or any other proof of your expertise.

What Happens Next?

If there’s a potential fit, either now or in the future, our team will reach out to chat more about potential opportunities at Letterhead. Even if we don’t have the perfect role for you, we'll keep your information on file for future openings.

Remember, it’s the unconventional paths that often lead to the most exciting destinations. If you're passionate about our vision and think you can contribute uniquely, we're eager to hear from you!


Remote (Miami, Florida, US)

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