Writer - Mattress Subject Matter Expert

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About the role

Writer - Mattress Subject Matter Expert

We are seeking a highly knowledgeable and passionate Mattress Subject Matter Expert (SME) Writer to join our team. As an SME Writer, you will be responsible for researching, analyzing, and producing high-quality content related to mattresses, bedding materials, and related topics. Your expertise will play a pivotal role in providing valuable insights to our audience, helping them navigate the complexities of mattress selection and sleep optimization.

We’re looking for somebody who has real world experience selling mattresses, promoting mattresses, or was involved heavily in the mattress industry. This includes experience selling bedding, pillows, frames, and other mattress related products. 

This position is to be 100% remote, worldwide.

Role & Responsibilities: 

  • Write comments to people’s questions, comments, and product promotions that encourage people to click on our link. 
  • Create content for forums promoting products
  • Write comments that just provide information about products
  • Vast experience with the subject matter. 

    • Salesperson

    • Manages or former manager of a store

    • Previous experience in industry 

  • Excellent writer 

  • Needs to be able to write in different personas

  • Must be able to write bluntly and to the point.

  • Must have experience writing in forums, social media, and other channels. 

  • Must be able to be flexible on feedback 

  • Must be able to be flexible on degrading comments to make it look more human

  • Experience with ChatGPT or AI writers is welcomed, but needs to be used as a tool not a writer. 

Our Benefits:

We offer a competitive salary, and the opportunity to work with a talented and passionate team in a fast-paced, dynamic environment. 

Growth Department

Remote (Malta)

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