Enterprise Customer Educator & Trainer (EMEA)

[About StudioXID] 

ProtoPie is the easiest interactive prototyping tool for all digital products. Designers can turn their UI/UX design ideas into highly interactive prototypes for mobile, desktop, web, all the way to IoT. They can explore, validate, and test design solutions and ideas by creating very realistic, production-like prototypes without code and with the help of engineers.
ProtoPie is widely used by various companies all over the world across industries, e.g., Google, Microsoft, Meta, Nintendo, BMW, Samsung, Tencent, Reddit, Bytedance, and Disney, and ProtoPie won no.1 Advanced Prototyping tool in the 2022 Design Tools Survey.

[About the role]

  • As an Enterprise Customer Educator & Trainer, you'll play a pivotal role in empowering our Pro Plan and Enterprise Plan customers to make the most of ProtoPie. Your primary responsibility will be to assist these customers in creating realistic and immersive interactions, enabling them to bring their innovative ideas to life.


New Lead Onboarding

  • Develop enterprise-focused onboarding learning management systems to streamline the integration of ProtoPie within their workflows.
  • Create captivating prototypes using Enterprise features to showcase the boundless potential of ProtoPie.
  • Craft educational content tailored to the unique needs of enterprise customers based on their respective roles, such as designers, account administrators, developers, and more.
  • Conduct exclusive onboarding training sessions for Enterprise customers, customizing the content to align with each company's specific requirements.

Renewal Support

  • Offer real-time guidance and support to enterprise customers to enhance their experience and increase renewal possibilities.
  • Deliver on-site and online training sessions to assist customers in maximizing the value of ProtoPie.
  • Collaborate closely with account managers to address inquiries and provide solutions to usage-related questions.

Feedback Loop

  • Act as a liaison between enterprise customers and the product development team by collecting and organizing customer feedback and requirements.
  • Ensure that customer input is shared with the product team to shape the future of ProtoPie and maintain product roadmap accuracy.

This role does not include the following

  • Building bridge apps directly for customers. Our partners will handle this.
  • Setting up the cockpit for customers. Our partners will manage this aspect.
  • Answering technical questions directly. You will receive support from our team of engineers.

  • Availability within EMEA timezones.
  • A deep and comprehensive understanding of ProtoPie, with a reputation among your peers as a "ProtoPie expert."
    • Please attach your portfolio with ProtoPie prototypes to the resume.
  • Demonstrated experience using ProtoPie in real work projects, showcasing your proficiency and expertise.
  • Familiarity with creating Bridge Apps and the ability to eventually build them with minimal supervision from our engineers.
  • Proven experience in designing and delivering effective educational content, driving user adoption, and fostering user habits.
  • Proficiency in English, with clear diction and pronunciation to effectively communicate with customers.
  • A genuine passion for education, particularly in the design domain, and a strong desire to empower users to become better designers and communicators of their creative visions.
  • Exceptional patience to assist users and resolve any challenges they encounter.
  • Proficiency in the German language.
  • Familiarity with node.js (JavaScript) and some experience in Arduino programming.
  • Previous experience in the automotive or hardware (H/W) industry is a valuable asset.
  • Willingness and capability to provide on-site training within the EMEA region.

[How We Work]
Team ProtoPie Works with 5 Company Values

1. Autonomy & Responsibility

We respect everyone's autonomy while taking responsibility for freedom and for judgment between right and wrong for the company.

2. Communication & Trust

We share information, communicate transparently, and build trust with our colleagues and customers.

3. Integrity

We draw a line between personal and professional lives and work with high moral standards.

4. Global Citizenship

We respect each cultural trait and always consider the global market in work.

5. Team Player

We collaborate with colleagues, help others actively, and respect others' professionalism and authority.

[Benefits and Welfare]

1. Work Anywhere & Work Anytime

Our working hours and locations are based on flexibility, but we still work together. The members of Team ProtoPie are working in Canada, Sweden, China, and other nations worldwide.

2. Unlimited Vacation

Recharge your batteries! We believe innovation stems from a clear and relaxed mind rather than an overworked one.

3. Welcome Awards

For new joiners, we support KRW 1,000,000(USD 830) for buying personal peripherals and items for better work efficiency.
- Desk, Chair, Tablet PC, Mobile, Smartwatch, etc.

4. Education Benefits

We believe that members’ growth and happiness lead to the team’s growth. We support members in buying books and taking classes they want: language, instrument, anything you want to learn.

5. Healthcare Benefits

We understand that our people can bring their best selves to work when they and their families are taken care of.
- Medical check-ups, Gym, Physical activities, Vision care, Medical treatment(pets included)

6. Internet & Communication Benefits

We support internet and mobile expenses to enrich our remote working environment.

7. Congratulations & Condolences

We support members’ life events both in joy and in sorrow.

[Working Arrangments]
  • Flexible working hours (Generally from 10 AM to 7 PM).
  • Full-time position (during the first 3 months—the probation period, the employee will receive 100% of their salary).
  • HQ: Itaewon, Seoul, South Korea

[Hiring Process]
  • Submit resume or CV > 1st Interview > 2nd Interview > 3rd Interview > decision and negotiation. [Must] Please attach your portfolio with ProtoPie prototypes to the resume.
  • Interview process may be slightly changed depends on the position.
  • All interviews will be conducted via video call.
  • Employment will be terminated if you are found to have falsified information on your resume and portfolio.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach us at job@protopie.io


Remote (United Kingdom)

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