Assistant Manager (Boston Waterfront)

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Assistant Manager


Residential Brokerage

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Responsible for day to day administration of the residential brokerage office, providing marketing and transactional support to agents, and assisting the Manager generally.


The Assistant Manager is primarily responsible for the administration of a single Residential Brokerage office. The position is tasked with providing administrative, marketing, and organizational support to the company while also providing support to agents of the assigned office or specific tasks as assigned by the Manager of the office.


Include but are not limited to:

  • Provide general support for marketing and systems as needed by agents.

  • Provide guidance and support to agents for templated marketing materials as needed.

  • Work with marketing to administer/manage social media and market efforts for the office and market.

  • Assist agents in preparing KVCore and Core Present to prepare for their clients

  • Work with new agents and MLS to transfer over their existing ID’s to the office they are joining with us

  • Update information in property software and office management systems like KVCore, MLS, YouGotListings.

  • Provide general support for Manager’s activities. 

  • Opening and closing Residential Brokerage office locations, ensuring operating hours are consistent.

  • Answer phones and respond to customer inquiries, routing calls or assigning leads as appropriate.

  • Responsible for incoming/outgoing office mail, including e-mail. 

  • Maintains day to day office responsibilities: orders and maintains supplies, arranges for equipment maintenance, etc. with coordination from Corporate

  • Provide transactional support to agents. 

  • Track office productivity and provide reporting where necessary to the Manager.

  • Assist with office level operations coordinating with accounting, marketing, or other departments.

  • Provide general support to agents in utilizing marketing and company platforms as required.

  • Collaborate with Marketing and Residential Leadership to administer and manage print, social media, and overall marketing efforts for the office and market.

  • Assist agents in preparing engaging presentations using platforms like KVCore and CloudCMA.

  • Facilitate the onboarding process for new agents, including managing the transfer of existing MLS IDs.

  • Update information in property software and office management systems, such as KVCore, MLS, and YouGotListings.

  • Provide general support for Sales Manager activities.

  • Ensure consistent office operations by opening and closing the Residential Brokerage office location as per designated operating hours.

  • Handle incoming and outgoing office mail, including email correspondence.

  • Coordinate with the corporate team to order and maintain supplies, schedule equipment maintenance, and fulfill other logistical requirements.

  • Manage the office supply of signage.

  • Assist in procuring business cards for agents.

  • Ensure compliance and document accuracy by verifying signatures, dates, and the precise execution of the closing process.

  • Efficiently manage transaction contracts from both home buyers and sellers to facilitate timely closures.

  • Take the initiative to cultivate a vibrant office culture, including organizing community outreach programs, social functions, networking events, etc.

  • Fulfill any additional duties as directed by Residential Leadership.


The Assistant Manager is responsible for the day to day administration of the Residential Brokerage office, including opening and closing the office. As such they will need to be in the office a minimum of 8 working hours per day during normal business hours. They should develop strong relationships with managers, marketing and accounting staff, and especially,  real estate agents assigned to the office.


G-suite, Microsoft Office, Ability to work independently, Strong Communication Skills

Residential Brokerage

Boston, MA

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