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TMC Hospitality was founded in 2016 by Philip Bates as an offshoot of TMC Group to bring its innovation and purposeful disruption to the hospitality industry. As a forward-thinking hotel development and management company focused on elevating hospitality from a service to an experience through strategic development, investment, and brand creation, the group has two hotel brands, Bode and Drift, in addition to Buttonwood Farm & Winery that cater to the concept of social group travel and experiences. Bode, with a location in Nashville, redefines traditional travel by creating flexible spaces that expertly blend the style of vacation rental homes with the comforts and conveniences of a boutique hotel. Drift, with locations in San Jose del Cabo, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, and Nashville on the horizon, is a modern hotel concept for independent and group travelers who value adventure and culture with minimalist yet intentional details and amenities. 

About the role

Restaurant servers attend to diners during a meal, helping them place their order and making sure they get their food and beverages in a timely manner. They greet diners and engage in friendly conversation with them to cultivate a hospitable, welcoming environment. Restaurant Servers are knowledgeable about the food and beverages on the menu so they can explain dishes to guests and clarify any concerns about allergies or styles of food preparation. Restaurant Servers submit orders to the kitchen and bring food out to guests when it is ready, filling their drinks and checking on other tables in the meantime. They help their tables pay their bill and make correct change, keeping track of receipts and tips. In addition to caring for guests, Restaurant Servers help maintain a clean and sanitary environment by bussing dishes, sweeping floors, wiping menus and completing other closing tasks.

What you'll do

  • Welcoming and sitting diners comfortably in the dining section

  • Taking customers’ food and drink orders

  • Collaborating with the kitchen and bar staff for prompt and correct delivery of orders

  • Memorizing the menu and recommend appetizers, meals and drinks from menu

  • Delivering a memorable dining experience by resolving all customer issues promptly

  • Assisting with the tidying of tables, clearing leftovers and keeping the dining area neat and pleasant

  • Setting tables and rearranging the dining area to accommodate larger groups and prepare the restaurant for special events

  • Ensuring cooking utensils and kitchen area are cleaned after closing to comply with state regulations


  • High school diploma or associate degree in culinary studies or food and hospitality management

  • Prior experience in a food-serving establishment 

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills

  • In-depth knowledge of alcoholic beverages  and different types of cuisines

  • Highly developed interpersonal skills 

  • Working knowledge of point-of-sale systems

  • High level of stamina to work to work on feet for extended periods

  • Food Handlers Certificate

  • Responsible Beverage Service Certificate

20 Food & Beverage

Nashville, TN

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